These are the people, organizations and websites that we consistently turn to for mentoring, ideas, inspiration and advice online and off:

Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch is an absolute Jedi master when it comes to marketing small businesses. We highly recommend his website, blog, twitter feed, articles, free resources, paid resources, coaching, books… all of it is top shelf.

Gas Pedal: Andy Senovitz literally wrote the book on Word of Mouth Marketing. His blog is filled with actionable ideas.

Referral Institute: We have learned a lot from these guys. Kevin has participated in their Certified Networker and Group coaching program and always walks away with lots of ideas he can immediately put into practice.

Business Networking International: The world’s largest networking organization. Kevin gets several referrals a week from his local chapter and invitations almost weekly to visit other chapters to talk about his shop’s services.

Networking Now: The Blog of Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and the most recognized guru of referral based marketing

Chris Sheehy: Chris writes and consults for the collision repair industry and has lots of expertise in a wide range of topics from production to social media marketing. He has lots of free articles and resources and his paid consulting services are very reasonably priced.

Open Forum: Free videos, articles and discussions related to marketing and growing your business.