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What gets measured, improves

  Many of you know that I took some flying lessons last year. I never did go all the way to get my license - but it's still on the bucket list! A key part of my early training was learning all the dials on the dash. In a small plane … Read more

For freedom’s sake

I remember vividly the moment when a receptionist I had just hired said to me: "You know, this place just doesn't run the same when you're not here." Wow! What a compliment. I swelled with pride as I thought about it later that day. And then.... and … Read more

Marketing Success with Yelp!

I’ve been using Yelp for some time now and have experienced a positive bump in traffic to my website since I’ve started. Service review sites like Yelp are extremely important to today’s business owner because shoppers love to post and read reviews. … Read more

Simon Sinek on The “Why” of Business

In my latest article on Fender Bender magazine website, I shared about "Starting With Why: Your biggest competitive advantage is personal". I'd love for you to read the article and let me know about what your "why" is for your own business. You can … Read more

How to leverage positive reviews

I've talked about what to do with a negative review in another post. But what do you do if you get a positive review, and hopefully you'll get many of them! As a side note, it is sometimes easier to prepare for what might go wrong than for what … Read more