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Let the stories lead you.

"What's your story?"  In my work stories abound. Being in a local, family owned auto body repair shop I am surrounded daily by stories of my dad and mom launching the business and overcoming challenges day after day, of customers who have life … Read more

Easy does it for new customers

Removing obstacles from your customers and making it as easy to buy from you is a simple but often overlooked strategy. Do you make it easy for the customer to buy from you? Doing a simple audit of this with a mystery shopper or even just a friend … Read more

How to find and highlight your shop’s unique edge

What sets you apart from other shops? Why would someone want to do business with you over the myriad of options that exist in our competitive industry? If you have not thought long, hard and specifically about this question, now is the time to do … Read more

Is this blog even worth your time?

Before we can answer the question in the headline we first we need to answer: Who is this blog for? Here's my secret audience, the one that I really write to. Me, Myself and I. Now before I get accused of narcissism (again!) let me explain... I … Read more

The Art of Putting Customers at Ease

I think of my shop as place of hospitality, a place of welcome. People often come in with lots of emotions. They have been in an accident. If it was their fault they are likely embarrassed. If it was not their fault they might be anything from … Read more