The goal is relationship.

Howe many times has someone called your shop and said …

“How much to fix a window?”

We all hate those calls… because the answer is “it depends on which window it is and what part of that window is broken!”  And on top of that, we’d really like to see the car before we commit to anything over the phone!

I got a call like that last week and what dawned on me was even though it seemed like a waste of time to even engage on it (time consuming to look it up without the car in front of me, person was trying to save money so I needed to call around and find the cheapest part etc) it gave me an opportunity to be of service and to develop a relationship with a potential customer who may need more than a regulator at some point and certainly someone who knew others who would need a body shop at some point.

We did a little research on small jobs a couple years ago and found that on jobs under $400 we actually didn’t make any money. Zero. Nada. Zip. When you factor in all the administrative time to process the customer and RO, locate small parts, do follow up calls when the car is ready etc etc it actually translated to NO profit.

So why even do them?

Small jobs can be a total nuisance or they can be an opportunity to help someone out, build a relationship, earn a future customer or a referral or review online. 

When you’re tempted to turn them away or get frustrated keep in mind: this is a real person with a real need, you have the means to help them, and it might turn out that they will return the favor at some point. It’s not only the right thing to do but it’s likely a strategic one as well.


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