Social Media: The New Word of Mouth?

How do you get most jobs? If you’re like most shop owners your answer is simple: “Word of mouth.” So why should shops care about social media? The answer is as simple as the last: Because social media is the new word of mouth. More accurately it is word of mouth, but amplified. It’s fast. […]

The goal is relationship.

Howe many times has someone called your shop and said … “How much to fix a window?” We all hate those calls… because the answer is “it depends on which window it is and what part of that window is broken!”  And on top of that, we’d really like to see the car before we […]

What gets measured, improves

What gets measured, improves

  Many of you know that I took some flying lessons last year. I never did go all the way to get my license – but it’s still on the bucket list! A key part of my early training was learning all the dials on the dash. In a small plane there are way fewer […]

Simon Sinek on The “Why” of Business

In my latest article on Fender Bender magazine website, I shared about “Starting With Why: Your biggest competitive advantage is personal“. I’d love for you to read the article and let me know about what your “why” is for your own business. You can just leave those comments below or over on the Fender Bender […]