“Ask and you will receive”

Even though this saying originates with Jesus it is not just a religious exhortation to pray more. It is, quite simply, how the universe is wired.

If you want something, the very first thing to do is simply ask. Now you can apply this to prayer, to getting your teenager to mow the lawn, or even getting a waitress to bring you some more water. Pretty much anything you want done or need done, the first step is to simply ask.

For anyone who doubts the power of asking just try to eat a sandwich in front of your dog. The staring eyes, the giving of the paw, the silent imploring for just a morsel from his master… Yes, even Dogs know how to get things done in this world! In fact they are masters of the ask.

And this applies to our customers as well. If they are asked to make a purchase the odds of them actually doing so go up dramatically. There’s loads of research to back this up. By simply asking someone to purchase they are forced to make an either/or choice, a yes or a no. What will it be? And of course we can be annoying or helpful in the way we ask. Are we forcing them into a corner or simply bringing clarity that will help them and help you as well. If they are not even thinking about buying then that is good information.

At our shop we always ask at the end of a writing an estimate: “Would you like me to hold a spot on our calendar for you?” That question is direct but not overbearing or presumptuous. And yes, I know all about the “presumptive close.” Generally, I don’t like it. It sounds “salesy” and can veer toward being manipulative. I do like clarity and I do like being non-threatening. Hence the “Would you like me to hold a spot on our calendar for you?” That communicates:

1. It’s time to make a decision and usually if someone says “no…” they will follow that with a reason that can then be addressed like “I think I’m supposed to get 3 estimates” (nope. by law you don’t have to) or “Doesn’t my insurance need to approve this first?” (again, nope. As long as you’ve made a claim, we act as adjusters for your insurance company and we’re happy to submit it all to them for you if you’d like”)

2. It also communicates we have a calendar and it sometimes gets full but we have a spot we can hold for you if you’d like.

Many times all that stands between you and sale is simply asking. It works for your dog. It can work for you. Give it try.

Ask and you will receive… a  paying customer.

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