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Social Media: The New Word of Mouth?

How do you get most jobs? If you’re like most shop owners your answer is simple: “Word of mouth.” So why should shops care about social media? The answer is as simple as the last: Because social media is the new word of mouth. More accurately it is word of mouth, but amplified. It’s fast. In the time it took you to read this far, one of your customers could have reached hundreds of people in a way that will never go away. Sobering thought, huh? Dave Kerpen in his excellent book, Likable … Read more

How to Extend Your Salesforce without Hiring Anyone

I’m part of a weekly networking and referral group. Each week business owners and sales people give a 60-second commercial about their business. It’s always a great reminder that there are people who are more than happy to promote my shop. All they … Read more

Master Social Media… like a boss!

If you want to, you can decide right now to be an early adopter of social media marketing. It’s never too late because it’s always changing. The dark side of social media, though, is how easy it is to feel like you’re always behind. There are so … Read more

The goal is relationship.

Howe many times has someone called your shop and said ... "How much to fix a window?" We all hate those calls... because the answer is "it depends on which window it is and what part of that window is broken!"  And on top of that, we'd really … Read more

“Ask and you will receive”

Even though this saying originates with Jesus it is not just a religious exhortation to pray more. It is, quite simply, how the universe is wired. If you want something, the very first thing to do is simply ask. Now you can apply this to prayer, … Read more